Jenkins slave running Windows

When you rely on something like Jenkins to help manage your project, if you don't have a feature regularly tested in it, that feature often bitrots pretty quickly. This was the case for our Windows compile of libdrizzle. It worked months ago, but then some folks tried it recently and, well - not so much with the working. That meant I had to do three things this weekend:


  1. Get the Windows machine that was sitting at my old office powered off and actually plug it in in my new office
  2. Fix the build
  3. Connect that machine to Jenkins


I'm happy to report all three are done, and we now have a Jenkins slave building libdrizzle on every push. I believe I should also be able to build the client programs, so I'll add them soon - and then it's only a few steps away from having Jenkins produce an msi or something that people can download.

In case you're wondering, we are currently aiming for Windows7/Windows 2008 Server. 

Also, now that we have the Jenkins slave, I can get the same thing done for libmemcached.