New Planet for Theatre

Yesterday I discovered that my friend Adrienne has a blog that I didn't know about - which is fine, because apparently it's new. But that highlighted a problem I've had in general, which is that there is no decent place to go for aggregated content of interesting artists rambling about whatever. I can certainly get local show announcements and audition announcements from Theatre Puget Sound, but that's not, you know - ART related, and it's also a bit more local than thoughts about theatre in general really need to be.

In my day-job life as an Open Source Hacker, we tend to have project-specific blog aggregators (known as planets) that pick up the blogs of everyone involved.,, and are just a few examples of places I'm syndicated and that I read regularly. Now, I think for theatre per-project would be just as useless as not having it, as our projects tend to be small and short in length - and finding them would be just as hard. BUT - an aggregator that's there for anyone in the fringe scene (by a loose definition of fringe, I want art people, not marketing departments, right?)

So I'm pleased to announce
It currently has a very small amount of feeds that it syndicates. If you have a blog, or know anyone interesting with a blog, send me a link to it. If you're extra motivated, an 85x85 thumbnail of their face (or company logo if it's an interesting company that blogs something other than just "our show just opened") get bonus points.