libdrizzle in Visual Studio

Thanks to Jobin's work with mingw and getting libdrizzle to compile on Windows at all, I have been able to get it working in Visual Studio natively. The code is in trunk now.

The approach I took, which is how I'm going to approach Windows and Visual Studio for all of our stuff, is to not worry with analogues to things like configure on Windows. Windows is a very different platform from Linux, and there is no need to attempt to duplicate Linux process there. To that end, the goal at least for now will be static VS Solution files and a set of instructions of how to get depends installed so that the Solution can find them. 

I'm excited to start poking at Garrett Serack's CoApp Project, which has some tools do do tracing of things like make to help with the initial project creation... and I fully expect to take advantage of his work in terms of creating installable packages.

Jobin has started working on Drizzle itself and has the drizzle client working so far.