libdrizzle - now with windows

Recently, Jobin took up the mantle of starting to poke at Windows support for Drizzle. We decided that step 1 is getting libdrizzle building on Windows - not to mention we could solve a few systemic "how to go about it" problems on a much simpler codebase.

We decided to go the mingw route - for two reasons.


  1. on windows we wouldn't have to solve the build problem yet
  2. on linux we can cross-compile, and then I can spend less time connecting to a windows machine 


I'm happy to say that the branch implementing support for building under mingw has been merged in to trunk - so please go hammer at it and tell me that I'm an idiot.

If you're on linux and want to play, you'll need mingw32 and mingw32-pthread. You may notice that mingw-pthread isn't in the Ubuntu archive... that's ok - I added a package for it in the drizzle-developers ppa (add-apt-repository ppa:drizzle-developers/ppa) Once you're set with that, it's as simple as:

 bzr branch lp:libdrizzle
 cd libdrizzle 
 ./configure --build=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu --host=i586-mingw32msvc

And you're off to the races. Now, as for actually doing anything with it, well, I'm expecting some windows person to fill in details on that.

Next up - building under Visual Studio. (oh, and getting Drizzle itself working)


  1. [1]   Jobin Augustine
    August 04, 2010 at 11:15 AM

    Thank you Monty, All with your great support only. I know you already made the VC project. I shall test it on coming days. Thank you, Jobin.