Two subjects are one too many for a blog post

It's my turn to apologize. Andrew and I apparently really angered people by being upset about something last week, and for that, as he already has, I apologize. I don't like making people angry or upset.

I believe Henrik made an excellent point, which is that for various different reasons, there are those of us who were upset when Oracle bought MySQL and yet felt complelled to not communicate this publically. To be honest, emotions related to a business transaction ARE a little weird, so I'm not sure it's completely odd that people don't know how to appropriate express them. But as Henrik rightly pointed out, the Oracle takeover has been the elephant in the room (sorry Postgres - it's not you) and we've all been spending a good amount of energy NOT talking about it, because talking about it only leads to people getting upset. As I said before, I don't like making people upset, so I'll try to keep my comments there to myself for the most part.

I'd also like to apoligize for writing a blog post with too many thoughts. I only included the discussion of the naming as what I thought was a humorous take on the backstory of why I was writing in the first place, I see the folly of my ways there. In the future, if what I want to talk about is annoyance at people eye-rolling at my passion for Open Source, I will endeavor to only talk about that. That way, with a single topic post, when it's referenced other places, there will be no confusion.

To sum up, I am sorry for causing any confusion or any anger or for making anyone upset.